Saturday, June 27, 2009

wong yeep kan punya bday post.

sometimes people ask me if you're my dad.

hou sum lohhhhh..

tai sou laa..

you dont so kan chan
sendiri go eat leng stuff,
sendiri go fun place main,
sendiri go watch movie,

You shouldve

da bao me Nasi lemak
da bao me Milo Beng
bring me go makanmakan..

forgot the main point

youre finally 19,man!
Although you look like 29 already *hmm*
I guess age doesn't really matter to you

Well,best luck for your MUET
belanja aku makan satu tub Baskin jika ada Band 6 tau.

I'm sure you liked your birthday dinner,
sorry can't buy you Slam dunk or Dragonball full set bagi lu.
Only thing I can do is masuk blog kamu ini,
dan wish you Happy Birthday.

Gor, happy birthday la..^^
Belanja you 奶綠珍珠奶茶next time

PS.Im glad youre at PunSan drinking teh-o-ais now
if not I also cant hijack your blog haha.

From : Your-ever-so-annoying-sister.

Monday, May 11, 2009

DX ereh llits m'I

Okie dokie now. I'm here. I'm alive. I take my AS starting on Wednesday. I'm done with my MUET exams. I hope I get good results. I don't think I'll be able to get a band 6 since I screwed up on some parts. But heck. I got to practice with girls every Tuesday. w00t.

I can't say much. There's not a lot of thingeys to say. My weeks have been routine.

I mean, we did go for a movie last week. Ex-Men Origins : Wolverine. It was nice. But most of the best parts was already in the trailer. Also, we finally went for a Karaoke session at Neway. Gods it's been a long time. My girly voice needs training. I'm losing my touch. Maybe I'm finally going to become a real man XD.

Anyways, I'll try and post again in the not too distant future.

Cheers =)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I realize..

I realize that to even consider getting close to a girl, you first have to win over her friend(s). If her friend(s) dislikes you, even if it's just a little, you might as well go buy a lottery ticket. Because you'll have a higher chance of success with the lottery.

Why am I saying this ?

Because it's what happened yesterday. This girl brought a friend of hers along. Both of them are from my secondary school. And the whole time, I could not even speak. That girl kept on whispering stuff to her. In front o' me. I could see it in her eyes. She has it in for me O_O. Thank god she takes the Sri Petaling line home.

Of course, all this negative-ness might be due to the fact that I have a headache and a fever...


Thursday, March 19, 2009

I won't bore you guys with details. Anyways, if you have the time, please click on the link below and sign the petition. It's very helpful to others. Please, it'll only take a minute of your time.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


We all went down to Lowyat on Tuesday because Fai had to collect his graphic card. Went up to Thundermatch to look at the bargain bin. Kit has always been going on about how he wants a Habu. They had it listed at RM150. That was quite cheap already, but when Kit finally decided to buy it, the scanner showed it as Rm 99. O_O. So we all wanted to get one. But we didn't have enough money. Kit forgot to bring his ATM card, and I already closed my account. So we pooled together our money, and Fai bought one first.

Yet, the gods above are always about with their mischievousness. Fai lost the parking ticket when he was handing money to Kit for the mouse. A guy knocked into him and he fell over the railing. Luckily, Fai shouted "Elika" and a pretty girl popped out of nowhere and pulled him back to us. Alternately, someone knocked into Fai and whatever he was holding fell to the floor. Including the parking ticket. We couldn't find it, so in the end, we had to compensate. Rm 50. Fifty Ringgit O_O. It was lucky we didn't have enough money to buy another Habu. Even then, whatever money we had wasn't enough. So we all went back to Fai's car and looked for coins. Kit and Fai were searching every nook and cranny while I was counting the money. In the end, we had Rm 43 in notes and Rm 7 in coins. So off we went to the office to pay 'em back. They laughed at us. Seriously. I swore to go back and buy myeslf a Habu that night, and I did. Problem is, it didn't work. The tracking laser wasn't functioning. When I plugged it in, I could only click, the cursor didn't move on-screen. I was frustrated, but since I couldn't do anything, I waited.

When I got back home on Wednesday, I called up thundermatch to see if I could take my Habu back to be exchanged. They said yes, but before going, I plugged the damned rodent in one last time. It worked. Miraculously, it worked. Huzzah!. And now, I'm staring at it. It's black body, with blue lights. All so sleek and sexy.

And that is all for now. Nights =)

(No really, go away.)

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Bar Bee Queue

My parents went to Guilin, China for a few days and only came back yesterday. So I had a BBQ on Friday. We didn't really plan it much. After class at 1pm , I went to pick up my badminton racket at Masjid Jamek. Because Yuen Cheng doesn't have classes on Friday, or I'd just pick it up from her. The seller is in Help, y'see. Then I take-awayed fried rice from a place near where I used to go to tuition. My sister had to go to Subash at 3 pm. So I rushed back. Turns out she decided to ponteng. That's a good decision XD

Kit was with me, while the others were eating lunch. Then Marcus dropped all of them off at my house, including Phoebe, saying he had to go back early. And Phoebe had to get back home by 5pm. But we still hadn't bought the meat for the night. So we all got out our Harley-Davidsons and cut lines and got to Jusco. The previous sentence is false. We got into the Waja and went to Jusco. Lamb chops, Beef, Chikon wings, sausages, honey , planta. Yeah. That's what we got. Then I sent all of them home. Kit took the stuff though so he could marinate them. Time was set at 9pm. This is Malaysia though, so I didn't expect anyone to arrive on time. It just doesn't work.

At around 9, I called Tat up to go accompany me and buy some drinks. We ended up wearing the same shirt from Giordano. Same colour too. *blush*. Got a few bottles some paper cups and plates. The dudes said that the cups were flimsy. I point at Tat now because he chose the cups. Evidently, my paper plates pwned his paper cups. Alas, we realized that we didn't have any charcoal. I mean yes, Kit was there, but still... So we went to the convienience store and got 2 bags of it, plus a can Of Bear Beer. Rawr. I also bought 9 bags of ice for the ice box, because as it turned out, Marcus brought 3 bottles of beer. This was gonna be a fun night.

Marcus brought a grill, and so did Tat, but we ended using Marcus' only. It sufficed. Besides, this time, we were preparing food for ourselves, not for others, we could take it at our own pace. It all started with the usual blowing of fire. I have no idea why Kit does it with that kind of sound. Seriously, next time you see him, ask him to blow for you. XD You'll understand. Once we had the fire started, we started with the chicken wings. The wings we bought from Jusco were big. A considerable difference between this and the ones we usually had at other bbqs. Had about 15 I think, averaged at about Rm 1.20 for each. Good value =). Then we proceeded with the sausages and beef. The footlongs and muttons were last. I didn't eat the mutton. Couldn't take it heh.

Afterwards, we all cleaned up before drinking the beer. I even had time to take a bath. Bear beer is really bitter O_o. And we only managed to finish 2 bottles of the Tiger Beer Marcus brought. Henry brought along his portable hard drive and leeched off me. I'm going to take some from him when I have the chance heh.

And that's it I guess. This long post due to the guilt I felt at not posting for a while. Yet, who wants to read all of this ? O_o.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

I love the rain

I went to the doctor's yesterday. It was raining heavily as I was waiting for the LRT to come. You have to admit that rain adds a certain sense of nostalgia to a place. When it's raining, everything becomes so peaceful and calm. The cool wind helps too. Maybe because the Maluri platform has lots of trees and stuff. When it's raining, and you look towards the track, it's like you're in some distant place in the Far East. And you're waiting for a coal-driven train to take you back to your hometown, where you'll give out a sigh of relief when you see that familiar train station coming towards you. And as soon as you step out of the train, you'll take in a deep breath of refreshing air and say out loud to yourself "I'm home." Then, you'll go to your favourite place to drink, and catch up with your schoolfriends.

I have no idea what's gotten into me.

See ya.